Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cookie Ninja ~ UPDATE~

     I finally finished the wedding cake! It was so much fun! I do have some live and learn lessons to share...Here are the pictures of the beautiful monstrosity but first...Here is the lovely Bride and Groom! I love them so much! Congratulations you two! Many years and blessings for you both! 

Well as you know the Bride and our friends all came over to help roll and dip and basically get this beast ready for the Big day! So here is a Montage of Me (the baker) and My Minions...

So now, for the moment of truth! It is nothing like the beautiful creation that Gabby Loubiere made but it is still beautiful. They loved it and that is ALL that mattered to me! For those who do not know what cake balls are they are NOT eggs! I have gotten several, "Are those EGGS?!" Yeah, depressing. I know. Well here you go guys! It really did turn out beautifully. 

Now for the lessons learned....
1. Do not take this kind of cake on ALONE. 
2. Cover the dummies with tissue paper of a pretty color. 
3. BUY A CAKE POP ROLLER from Heavenly Cake Pops!

Thanks guys for waiting patiently for my update! Hope you enjoyed the photos! 

 ~~~~~~~~~~~origninal Post~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I'm feeling a little like a ninja. One minute I'm here posting and having fun and the next... Yeah you get the idea. I'm not really one to sit and post all the time so I guess this is my "I've got to post something interesting" post.  

I wanted to share that right now as you may have guessed I am working on something VERY cool. I'm working on a 6 tier CAKE BALL Wedding cake! Yes, I know what you are thinking..."a what?" Well here is my Pinterest find... It is NOT exactly what I am doing but SUPER close... Gabby Loubiere  the fabulous creator of this beauty did such an amazing job on it... I am excited to see how mine turns out. 

Here are a few photos of the beginning stages of my baby... I baked 16 cakes for this Monster. 16!! I tell you what this has been by far the most fun and most exhausting cake. That and it is my first cake ball CAKE. I'm hoping for the best possible outcome from my buddy the Bride. 
 I just want you to know that rolling cake balls by hand is NO JOKE! If you wanna see a pro do it with a cool gadget you should check out Heavenly Cake Pops If you want a workout though...all you gotta do is bake a cake. Let it cool. Then, destroy it and add frosting (just enough that is begins to look like edible playdough). Then ROLL! I'm a bit of a perfectionist as you can see below but They do look so nice! 
So here are the dummy cakes that I'll be using for this beauty. I'll be covering it in fondant so be gentle. 
Sorry about the back ground I've got kids and that wonderful machine you see in the back is my KopyKake Projector!  It make my life sooooo much easier! That is a whole other post!  Well guys that's it for now!! I'll edit this post and update with the final product after the 1st! 
Have a great weekend you guys!!